Episode 19

You don't need date night (Go for this instead)

We’ve all heard it. "Date your spouse." "You need date nights!"

Let's flip the script and introduce something we call “Connection Night.”

The Benefits of Connection for Foster Parents

Fostering can be incredibly rewarding, but also challenging, and maintaining a strong relationship is essential. 

Connection nights offer:

  • Connection and bonding.
  • Stress relief and rejuvenation.
  • A break from parenting responsibilities.
  • Improved communication and conflict resolution.

Problems Faced When Foster Parents Neglect Connection

Neglecting connection nights can lead to:

  • Burnout and emotional exhaustion.
  • Strained relationships.
  • Reduced ability to support foster children effectively.
  • A feeling of being disconnected as a couple.

Inexpensive Connection Ideas for Foster Parents

Budget-friendly date ideas for busy foster parents:

  • Lock - In 
  • Cook Together: Collaborate on a special meal, maybe even experimenting with new recipes.
  • Game Night: Play board games or card games, providing fun competition and interaction.
  • Picnic in the Park: Pack a simple picnic and enjoy the outdoors while the kids are at school or daycare.
  • Art Night: Get creative with art supplies or crafts.
  • Book Club for Two: Choose a book to read together and discuss it.
  • Volunteer Together: Give back as a couple by volunteering at a local charity or community event.
  • Home Spa Night: Pamper each other with massages, facials, or simply a relaxing bath.
  • Nature Walk: Explore a nearby nature trail or park.
  • Star Gazing: Enjoy a clear night by lying under the stars with a blanket.

Tips for Making Connection Nights a Priority

Strategies for ensuring date nights become a regular part of your routine:

  • Schedule them in advance.
  • Enlist the help of friends, family, or babysitters. 
  • Be flexible with your time.
  • Communicate your needs with your partner.

Prioritizing Connection Nights can help maintain a strong and healthy relationship, while providing the best care for the foster children. Remember, a strong couple is the foundation for a strong family.

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