Episode 18

Navigating grief together with Dr. Melody Aguayo

In this month's episode, we’re discussing how to recognize and navigate grief together in marriage because grief is such a big part of the fostering and even adoption journey. 

We have a very special guest with us, Dr. Melody Aguayo

Dr. Melody is a parenting coach with a huge heart for families and children. With many years under her belt, Melody's seen it all: from high-risk kids needing a guiding hand, to those neurotypical dynamos that keep parents on their toes. She's all about swapping out those stressful control battles for a home filled with joy and peace.

Melody's not your average coach. She digs deep into understanding what makes parents tick (and occasionally ticked off!). 

She has her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from East Tennessee State University and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Capella University. Plus, she's a certified TBRI Practitioner and Circle of Security Parent Trainer. But here's the thing –  she says it’s her own journey as a parent that has been her greatest teacher. She’s a wife and mother of two adopted children and our parenting coach.

Dr. Melody shares about:

  • How grief commonly manifests in couples who are involved in fostering
  • How couples can effectively communicate their grief to each other without feeling overwhelmed
  • How to recognize signs of grief in each other
  • What to do when you're grieving and how to deal with it better
  • When to seeking professional help for grief
  • How to support each other through the grieving process
  • How to keep from burning out
  • How to build resilience for long-term coping with grief

And lastly, Dr. Melody dishes on who loads the dishwasher better between her and her husband? :)

If you have any questions or ideas for future episodes, please feel free to reach out to us at fosteringmarriage.com.

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