What the Fostering Marriage podcast is all about

Welcome to the Fostering Marriage podcast! We hope you’re having a fabulous day where you are!

This is your hosts, Joel and MaryBeth Fortner.

We’ve been married for over 12 years and for 3 years we’ve been on the fostering and adoption journey. 

We’re starting this show to specifically help couples who are also on this journey, no matter where they are. 

One of our top goals for this show is to help couples keep their marriage priority #1 or help couples rebuild their marriage and make it #1 again.

Some other goals are:

  • Give couples tools to improve their communication
  • Help people overcome what holds them back personally
  • Better navigate the stressors and challenges of fostering together
  • Be more on the same page, make better decisions together, and become more unified

We’ve been blessed to have people and resources in our lives that have...

…helped us heal over things in our personal lives, 

…grow in self awareness, 

…achieve a great marriage and grow even closer together over the last 3 years of fostering.

We’ve learned that many marriages struggle so much due to stressors that come with fostering and couples aren't equipped to protect their marriages.

We want to do something about that. This show is a first step.

We hope you’re interested in listening and more importantly, learning, growing and putting in the work to improve your Fostering Marriage. 

Join us on episode 1 where we dive into How To Create and Keep Unity.

About the Podcast

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Fostering Marriage
Keep your marriage strong when fostering kids

About your hosts

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Joel Fortner

Joel has been married to MaryBeth since 2010 and began the fostering journey in 2019. They have a heart to serve married couples who've chosen the fostering journey. He and MaryBeth have 2 biological kids and 2 foster kids (and 2 dogs) and make their home in middle Tennessee, where Joel serves as a leader and coach with Chris LoCurto and team.
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MaryBeth Fortner