Episode 3

How to support each other in the struggles of fostering

In this episode, we’re talking about supporting each other in the struggles of fostering in a wholistic perspective.

1. Physical

  • Home life (chores, responsibilities, etc. )
  • Foster duties such as insurance, appointments, etc. 
  • The spouse who’s NOT taking on more task encouraging the other to take a break
  • Keeping health and fitness a priority
  • Keeping intimacy a priority

2. Spiritual

  • Keeping relationship with God THE priority as individuals
  • Praying together
  • Practicing faith - speak to trusting God when you don’t know something is going to go
  • Examples - the future of the kids, will we lose them, will this adoption happen

3. Mental/Emotional

  • Doing the things that replenish and rejuvenate you
  • When you’re struggling with a super difficult child
  • Practicing living with suffering and daily dying to self
  • When you’re struggling with losing a child
  • Seeking help if you need it
  • Important of grace

Your support of each other is more powerful when you’re supporting the whole person.

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Joel has been married to MaryBeth since 2010 and began the fostering journey in 2019. They have a heart to serve married couples who've chosen the fostering journey. He and MaryBeth have 2 biological kids and 2 foster kids (and 2 dogs) and make their home in middle Tennessee, where Joel serves as a leader and coach with Chris LoCurto and team.
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