Episode 14

The costly love of fostering

We’re talking about the pursuit of selflessness, doing hard things, pain, sacrificing, or in other words, costly love. 

Why are we talking about this? Because this is what we’ve all chosen by fostering, and it's not easy. It wears at everyone so we need perspective that helps us be strong and .......well, just keep perspective. We think this episode will accomplish that.

This episode isn’t a “5 keys to XXXX," or How-to episode, it’s something we all need to be reminded of and encouraged to keep focusing on. 

The episode centers on the biblical story of Ruth and Naomi.

In this story, we see devotion, pain, suffering on many levels, selflessness, dying to self, and redemption. If you know this story, you may hear some new twists and perspective so don't assume anything. And if you're unfamiliar with it, it's a wonderful story we think you'll connect with, even if you're not of Jewish or Christian faith.

Regardless, we hope this episode encourages you and gives you new perspective to anchor your marriage in as you've chosen this difficult path of sacrificing for someone else.  

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Joel has been married to MaryBeth since 2010 and began the fostering journey in 2019. They have a heart to serve married couples who've chosen the fostering journey. He and MaryBeth have 2 biological kids and 2 foster kids (and 2 dogs) and make their home in middle Tennessee, where Joel serves as a leader and coach with Chris LoCurto and team.
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