Episode 6

(Part 2) Better communication by understanding personality styles

In this episode, we’re in part 2 of discussing the importance of understanding personality styles through the lens of DISC.

High S

(S) Stabilizing, Amiable, Democratic, Patient

Where they’re gifted:

Caring deeply for others

Steady and stable



Sympathetic and understanding

Great listeners


Very loyal

Weaknesses or how they contribute to conflict:

Becomes disabled by conflict

Hates change

Struggles saying "no"

Internalizes concerns

Struggles establishing priorities

Puts others' needs before their own

Overly sensitive to criticism

Controls environment through procrastination

High C

(C) Cautious, Analytical, Detail Oriented, Systematic

Where they’re gifted:

Ability to analyze what works and what doesn't

Accurate and precise



Able to set realistic estimates

Have high standards

Very thorough

Weaknesses or how they contribute to conflict:

Struggles with change and conflict

Tend to have a negative critical eye

May appear harsh and uncaring

Will overstep boundaries when clear direction isn't given

Controls environment with facts


Again, we all send and receive information differently but we do so much better when we learn to lean in the direction of each other’s styles.

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